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:: Victorian Formula 500 Grant Sealey Memorial Results

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

The Grant Sealey Memorial for the Victorian Formula 500 Assn was raced at Laang Speedway last night.

Tyler Owen won the feature with Matthew Symons home in 2nd, Terry Rankin 3rd and Shane Van Duynhoven 4th.

Many thanks to Chris Olsson, Mark Dalton, all drivers and crews and Laang Speedway and sponsors - Gillear Lime & Sandstone Quarries and Welcome Computers for supporting this event.
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:: 2015 Australian Formula 500 Title Gala Dinner

Sunday, March 29, 2015
QLD Formula 500

A reminder to all drivers(& guests) competing at Rockhampton this Saturday that tickets for the Gala Dinner need to be booked with Rocky Resort Ph 07 4921 2511 before 6pm this Tuesday 31st March.
Drivers attending the dinner will take part in the grid draw by selecting their own marble. Driver packs will be available.

So book your tickets NOW as there will be NO ticket sales at the door.
The 2015 Australian Formula 500 title is proudly sponsored by Rocky Resort and Cloud9
Rocky Resort - Ph 07 4921 2511

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:: Drivers Primed for Formula 500 Queensland Title

Monday, March 23, 2015
Brisbane Formula 500 Club

A solid field of drivers will be converging at Brisbaneís Archerfield Speedway this Saturday night (March 28) for the running of the Ian Boettcher Race Parts supported Queensland Formula 500 Title.

Heading the 33-car field is two-time and defending Queensland Champion Dale Shilleto. The Fraser Coast-based racer has been one of the stateís leading drivers and also headed down south over the Christmas-New Year period and came away with the Speedweek Series win. With form on his side, Shilleto is at short odds to make it back-to-back Queensland Title wins.

Other home state drivers amongst the leading contenders are the Brown siblings, Kristin and two-time Queensland Champion Charlie. The Brisbane-based racers are currently running one-two in the Tyrepower 600 Super Series point standings. The Browns are going to be right up there at the pointy end of the field.

Two-time Queensland Champion Nathan Pronger is certainly not a driver to be taken lightly. Despite not racing as much as Shilleto or the Browns in recent seasons, Pronger has shown plenty of pace so far this season and has another Queensland Title firmly in his sights.

The likes of Cody Maroske, Brooke Wanless, Kaydon Iverson, Scott Farmer, Billy Foyle and reigning Tyrepower 600 Super Series Champion Ryan Skennar are also amongst the stateís leading contenders.

Current South Australian Champion Jack Bell heads the list of interstate threats. Bell (Vic) is to be joined by Dylan Willsher (Vic), Grant Stansfield (Vic), Brooke and Josh Buckingham (Vic), Trevor Cotterill (Vic) and Scott Siemsen (NSW).

Completing the list of entrants are the father and daughter team of Glen and Lexi Underwood, Todd Stevens, Chris Finglas, Royce Harvey, Bryn Upshall, Tristan Johnson, Adrian Farrell, Phil Roberts, 2001 Queensland Champion Alan Iverson, Adrian Josefski, Brad Metcalfe, Simon Sullivan, Jared Desmares, Matthew Fleming and Josh Pokarier.

Special thanks must go to Ian Boettcher Race Parts for coming on board as the major sponsor for the Queensland Title. The Ipswich-based company has over the past 12 months expanded into the open wheel market of speedway. To find out more about the products Ian Boettcher Race Parts have on offer, visit www.ianboettcherraceparts.com.au or call 0730 673 411.

Apart from Ian Boettcher Race Parts as the eventís major sponsor, other Queensland Title sponsors include Tyrepower, Action Formwork, Dryden Signs, KRE Race Engines, Myla Graphics, Aussie Trackwear, and Lucky Promotions.


Brisbane Formula 500 Club Media Enquiries: Daniel Powell from Redline Media
P 0292 497 305
M 0432 126 210
E daniel@redlinemedia.com.au
W www.redlinemedia.com.au

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:: Formula 500's WA- Hooper is the new Champion!

Monday, March 23, 2015
Formula 500's WA

Tom Hooper last weekend scored the biggest win of his short career as he claimed the West Australian Championship at Bunbury Speedway ahead of a quality field.

Hooper, in just his second full season of racing, started from the front row in the feature and raced away from the field to claim the win in the 57th Annual title event, defeating former champion Steven Ellement, Troy Johnson and another former title holder in Matt Brown.

The feature race of course wasnít without its drama: an eight car crash early in the race saw a couple of cars tip over and a few others eliminated before their race had really even begun.

On the restart the top three cars of Hooper, Ellement and Johnson moved away from the rest of the field, while Andrew Priolo settled back in fourth place.

The race went on, with Hooper pulling away while Matt Brown made his way into fourth, setting out after the leading trio. Hooper was well clear of second and third place when he brushed the wall, allowing Ellement and Johnson to close, putting pressure on in the final few laps.

Hooper held strong though and went on to claim his first WA State Title victory ahead of Steven Ellement and Troy Johnson.

Early in the night nine qualifying heats were held, with Tom Hooper (2), Steven Ellement, Troy Johnson (2), Trystan Caley, Andrew Priolo, Matt Brown and Adrian Haywood all sharing the wins.

Brett Janssen then went on to claim the last chance B Main, with Brent Lockwood, Brendon Marshman, Travis Bell, David Sinagra and Ryan Higgs all also transferring to the big dance.
The Formula 500ís now have a few weeks break here in Western Australia as the Australian Formula 500 Championship is held in Rockhampton, Queensland on the 3rd and 4th of April. The next Western Australian event will be at the Perth Motorplex on the 18th of April for the Grand Final event.

Release by DTN Media.
Photos Courtesy Wayne Martin Photography.

Official Results

Heat 1 - 8 Laps: 1. W79 Tom Hooper, 2. W55 Adrian Heywood, 3. W29 Thomas Davies, 4. W41 Cameron McKenzie, 5. W49 Glenn Carstairs,

Heat 2 - 8 Laps: 1. W2 Steven Ellement, 2. W83 Jeremy Saffin, 3. W77 Brock Nanovich, 4. W7 Matt Higgs, 5. W28 David Sinagra,

Heat 3 - 8 Laps: 1. W95 Troy Johnson, 2. W4 Matt Brown, 3. W3 Chris Dymock, 4. W10 Andrew Priolo, 5. W60 Adrian LaMacchia, 6. W72 Brett Janssen, 7. W90 Shane Anderson, 8. W44 Bill Richards. DNS: W48 Anthony King, W24 Mark House. Time: 2.13.59, Fastest Lap: 16.545 W95 Troy Johnson.

F500 Heat 4 - 8 Laps: 1. W55 Adrian Haywood, 2. W79 Tom Hooper, 3. W77 Brock Nanovich, 4. W60 Adrian LaMacchia, 5. W83 Jeremy Saffin, 6. W72 Brett Janssen, 7. W41 Cameron McKenzie, 8. W33 Travis Bell

F500 Heat 5 - 8 Laps: 1. W32 Trystan Caley, 2. W2 Steven Ellement, 3. W90 Shane Andersson, 4. W29 Thomas Davies, 5. W26 Brad Davison, 6. W23 Gavin Connelly, 7. W9 Ryan Higgs, 8. W44 Bill Richards. DNF: W185 Cody Turrachio

F500 Heat 6 - 8 Laps: 1. W10 Andrew Priolo, 2. W95 Troy Johnson, 3. W3 Chris Dymock, 4. W4 Matt Brown, 5. W36 Brendon Marshman, 6. W7 Matt Higgs, 7. W92 Aaron Fullgrabe, 8. W49 Glenn Carstairs, 9. W78 Brent Lockwood, 10. W28 David Sinagra. Time: 2.11.51, Fastest Lap: 16.114 W95 Troy Johnson

Heat 7 - 8 Laps: 1. W95 Troy Johnson, 2. W10 Andrew Priolo, 3. W41 Cameron McKenzie, 4. W83 Jeremy Saffin, 5. W72 Brett Janssen, 6. W26 Brad Davison, 7. W92 Aaron Fullgrabe, 8. W28 David Sinagra. Time: 2.13.31, Winning Margin: 0.020, Margin 1-3: 0.092, Fastest Lap: 16.132 W95 Troy Johnson. The three of them crossed the line together - dead set thriller

F500s Heat 8 - 8 Laps: 1. W79 Tom Hooper, 2. W29 Thomas Davies, 3. W23 Gavin Connelly, 4. W78 Brent Lockwood, 5. W77 Brock Nanovich, 6. W3 Chris Dymock, 7. W33 Travis Bell

F500s Heat 9 - 8 Laps: 1. W4 Matt Brown, W2 Steven Ellement, 3. W7 Matt Higgs, 4. W49 Glenn Carstairs, 5. W90 Shane Andersson, 6. W55 Adrian Heywood, 7. W60 Adrian LaMacchia, 8. W32 Trystan Caley, 9. W9 Ryan Higgs, 10. W44 Bill Richards. Time: 2.08.23, Fastest Lap: 15.888 W4 Matt Brown

B Main - 8 Laps: 1. W72 Brett Janssen, 2. W78 Brent Lockwood, 3. W36 Brendan Marshman, 4. W33 Travis Bell, 5. W28 David Sinagra, 6. W9 Ryan Higgs, 7. W44 Bill Richards. (Top six transferred)

WA Formula 500 Championship Feature - 20 Laps: 1. W79 Tom Hooper, 2. W2 Steven Ellement, 3. W95 Troy Johnson, 4. W4 Matt Brown, 5. W10 Andrew Priolo, 6. W29 Thomas Davies, 7. W7 Matt Higgs, 8. W77 Brock Nanovich, 9. W32 Trystan Caley, 10. W60 Adrian LaMacchia, 11. W49 Glenn Carstairs, 12. W3 Chris Dymock (14 laps), 13. W23 Gavin Connelly (14), 14. W9 Ryan Higgs (13), 15. W28 David Sinagra (4), 16. W83 Jeremy Saffin (3), 17. W90 Shane Andersson (2), 18. W41 Cameron McKenzie (2), 19. W26 Brad Davison (2), 20. W33 Travis Bell (2), 21. W78 Brent Lockwood (2), 22. W36 Brendon Marshman (2), 23. W72 Brett Janssen (1), 24. W55 Adrian Heywood (0). Time: No Time: Winning Margin: 0.943, Fastest Lap: 15.750 W79 Tom Hooper.

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:: Victorian Formula 500 2014/5 State Title Info

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

The Victorian Formula 500 State Title will be held at Western Speedway, Hamilton on 25 April 2015 (Anzac Day).


Drivers who have already nominated and are not able to make this date will receive a full refund of their entry fee if they notify the Secretary prior to nominations close on 19 April 2015

Online nominations - https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=16275

Information / Sup Regs are on the www.formula500.com.au website under the forms tab - http://www.formula500.com.au/pdf/2015%20Vict%20Title2.pdf

Current Nominations:-

WA10 Andrew Priolo
SA 27 Angelo Karoussis
V51 Ash Sinclair
V89 Ben Telindert
V18 Brooke Buckngham
V31 Chris Bellman
Q22 Cody Maroske
V27 Dylan Willsher
V81 Jack Bell
V50 James Aranyosi
V35 Jesse Ellston
V71 Kurt Dunham
V15 Leigh Van Ginneken
V70 Matthew Symons
V53 Owen Milton
V92 Rob Trewartha
V48 Ryan O'Keefe
V52 Shane Van Duynhoven
V91 Steven Horton
V5 Steven Van Ginneken
V79 Terry Rankin
V10 Tyler Beasy
V55 Tyler Owen

Maria Olsson
Victorian Formula 500 Association
0414 301 982
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:: Victorian Formula 500 Grant Sealey Memorial

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

The Victorian Formula 500 Grant Sealey Memorial, sponsored by Gillar Lime and Quarries & Welcome Computers will be held at Laang Speedway on 28 March 2015.

Online nominations close THIS Sunday at - https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=16286

Maria Olsson
Victorian Formula 500 Association
0414 301 982
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:: Formula 500's WA- Stacked WA Title Field!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Formula 500's WA

The Western Australian Formula 500 Championship is one of the longest running title events in WA. Starting in the 1957/58 season, the division was then known as TQís and the event (and the following two title events) was won by Wally Higgs.

In the 1973/74 season the title underwent a name change to Formula 500ís, with the event being won by Bill Richards, a man still competing today. Names such as John Andersson, Bill Broadwood, Phil Crofts and Bryan Mullings have figured prominently over the years in the title event and are sure to go down in history as some of the all time greats.

This weekend at QUIT Bunbury Speedway will see an opportunity for someone else to become part of Formula 500 folklore as the 57th annual running of the event takes place, and we are in for a treat with a huge field of thirty nominations.

Headlining the field are a number of former champions, one being the most experienced driver in the field, Bill Richards. As earlier stated, the elder statesman of the Formula 500ís won his first and only WA title in the 1973/74 season, some forty years ago now. Bill has alsoraced to a few other podium finishes, but will hard pressed by some other former champions determined to take the crown for themselves this time around.

Matt Brown has won the event three times, finishing on the podium four more times, so he sure knows what it takes to win the event and will be doing his best to win this weekend. Two time winner Steven Ellement is also back in the field and would love to add another WA title to his trophy cabinet, some five seasons after his last title victory. Of course other former champions including 2011/12 winner David Sinagra and 2012/13 winner Andrew Priolo will also be trying their hardest to grab another trophy and cement themselves into the titles illustrious history.

Of course, the number of former champions is heavily outweighed this weekend by another twenty five drivers who each want to etch their names onto the first place trophy for the first time this weekend. Names like Mark House, Troy Johnson, Chris Dymock, Glenn Carstairs, Tom Hooper and Adrain Haywood have all been towards the front at most shows so far this season and it all leads up to this moment, that one race meeting that they want to win more than any other. Of course a title event is more than just racing ability, it also involves an element of luck and should these drivers be given even a sniff of a win they are sure to increase their efforts 110% to grab that title.

One would be silly of course to discount any of the competitors, with other pocket rocket pilots the likes of Matt Higgs, Gavin Connelly, Thomas Davies, Jeremy Saffin and Trystan Caley just some of the other names that will be looking for a finish towards the points end.

One thing that is for certain is that each driver will be looking to gain every possible point in the heats to ensure a prominent starting position in the all important feature: once in that main event it is anyones game.

See you all trackside for what is sure to be a huge event!

Release by DTN Media

Official Nominations Ė 30
2 Steven Ellement
3 Chris Dymock
4 Matt Brown
7 Matt Higgs
9 Ryan Higgs
10 Andrew Priolo
23 Gavin Connelly
24 Mark House
26 Brad Davison
28 David Sinagra
29 Thomas Davies
32 Trystan Caley
33 Travis Bell
34 Kieran Chapman
36 Brendon Marshman
41 Cameron McKenzie
44 Bill Richards
48 Anthony King
49 Glenn Carstairs
55 Adrian Haywood
60 Adrian La Macchia
72 Brett Janssen
77 Brock Nanovich
78 Brent Lockwood
79 Tom Hooper
83 Jeremy Saffin
90 Shane Andersson
92 Aaron Fullgrabe
95 Troy Johnson
185 Cody Turrachio

1957-58 Wally Higgs, George Higgs, Brian Lucy
1958-59 Wally Higgs, Harley Pederick, Mt Taylor
1959-60 Wally Higgs, Harry Condor, Jack Rowe
1960-61 Noel Potts, Don Ferguson, Wally Higgs
1961-62 Noel Potts, Tony Walker, George Cole
1962-63 Noel Potts, Graham Wegner, Peter Kayne
1964-65 Danny Lohoar, Graham McDougall, John Andersson
1965-66 Charlie West, John Andersson, John Thomas
1966-67 Charlie West, Ralph Bellairs, Rob Grant
1967-68 John Andersson, Graham McDougall, Peter Nicholson
1968-69 Graham McDougall, John Andersson, John Thomas
1969-70 John Andersson, George Gregson, Gary Sharpe
1970-71 George Gregson, Stan McEntee, John Andersson
1971-72 John Andersson, Norm Kemp, Barry Hancock
1972-73 Wally Cowie, Bill Richards, John Andersson
1973-74 Bill Richards, Barry Hancock, Ray Smith
1974-75 John Andersson, Ken Neilson, Barry Hancock
1975-76 Barry Hancock, Bill Richards, Ray Smith
1976-77 John Andersson, Jim Tryhorn, Ken Neilson
1977-78 George Higgs
1978-79 George Higgs, Bill Broadwood, Bryan Mullings
1979-80 John Andersson, Ray Windon, Rod Bottrell
1980-81 Rod Bottrell, Trevor Pearce, Des Ferris
1981-82 Peter Sumpton, George Higgs, John Andersson
1982-83 Bill Broadwood, Robbie Brown, Peter Sumpton
1983-84 Bill Broadwood, Col Thompson, Rod Bottrell
1984-85 Peter Sumpton, John Andersson, Barry Hancock
1985-86 Des Ferris, Bill Broadwood, Peter Sumpton
1986-87 Bill Broadwood, Des Ferris, Vince Chapman
1987-88 Bill Broadwood, Vince Chapman, Des Ferris
1988-89 Vince Chapman, Paul Anderson, Gary Ellement
1989-90 Jeff Hancock, Bill Broadwood, Bryan Mullings
1990-91 Bryan Mullings, Alan Bascombe, Phil Crofts
1991-92 Bryan Mullings, Bill Richards, Paul Anderson
1992-93 Paul Anderson, Phil Crofts, Rod Bottrell
1993-94 Bryan Mullings, Phil Crofts, Bill Broadwood
1994-95 Jeff Hancock, Phil Crofts, John Andersson
1995-96 Craig Okely, Bryan Mullings, Dave Irvine
1996-97 Marshall McDiarmid, Phil Crofts, Jeff Hancock
1997-98 Aaron Griffiths, Brian Coombs, Phil Crofts
1998-99 Phil Crofts, Brad Chapman, Jeff Hancock
1999-00 Trevor Harding, Brad Chapman, Phil Crofts
2000-01 Phil Crofts, Graham Higgs, Anthony Chitty
2001-02 Trevor Harding, Graham Higgs, Phil Crofts
2002-03 Matt Brown, Tim Gardner, Brad Chapman
2003-04 Gavin Casey, Matt Brown, Rod Bottrell
2004-05 Matt Brown, Tim Gardner, Leroy McKay
2005-06 Matt Brown, Steven Gay, Brad Chapman
2006-07 Ben Devlin, Matt Brown, Phil Crofts
2007-08 Ben Devlin, Matt Brown, Steven Gay
2008-09 Steven Ellement, Cody Turacchio, Wayne Moller (Qld)
2009-10 Steven Ellement, Ben McLeod (Vic), Trevor Harding Jr
2010-11 Daniel Harding, Steven Ellement, Trevor Harding Jr
2011-12 David Sinagra, Charlie Brown (Qld), Matt Brown
2012-13 Andrew Priolo, Mark House, Jason Priolo
2013-14 Jye O'Keeffe (Vic), Thomas Davies, Steven Ellement

T.Q. 1957-58 to 1972-73
Formula 500 1973-74 Onwards
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:: Brisbane Formula 500 Club -Prongerís Pain is Farmerís Gain

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Brisbane Formula 500 Club

The misfortune of Nathan Pronger last Saturday night at the Toowoomba Speedbowl played into the hands of Scott Farmer, who went on to claim his maiden Formula 500 feature race win.

In what was the 10th round of the Tyrepower 600 Series, Pronger, who was the form driver all night, was leading the 20-lap feature race comfortably up until his run was brought to a premature end on the 10th lap as a result of a mechanical issue, which was traced back to being a $2 part that had broken.

Following Prongerís exit, Farmer was then able to inherit the lead and go on to score a popular victory.

Joining a jubilant Farmer on the podium were the Brown siblings, Charlie and Kristin, in second and third place respectively. Both Charlie and Kristin chased hard after Farmer, but they were unable to catch him and had to settle for minor place finishes on the podium.

Cody Maroske finished in fourth ahead of Brooke Wanless, Tristan Johnson, Todd Stevens, Billy Foyle, Adrian Farrell, Kaydon Iverson and the final finisher Royce Harvey.

At exactly the same time as Prongerís demise, both Antony Schofield and Chris Finglas collided in turn four. Both drivers were unable to restart. The only other non-finisher was Grant Harvey.

In the heat race action, Farmer, Pronger and Kristin Brown collected wins. By virtue of a win and a second from the two heat races, Pronger was the highest point scorer heading into the feature race and therefore started from pole position.

The 11th and penultimate Tyrepower 600 Super Series round will be fought out on April 18 at Brisbaneís Archerfield Speedway. Before that, the Queensland Title (hosted by the Brisbane club) is to be held on March 28 at Archerfield Speedway.

Current Tyrepower 600 Super Series Point Standings
1: Kristin Brown - 601 points
2: Charlie Brown - 582
3: Kaydon Iverson - 562
4: Brooke Wanless - 479
5: Dale Shilleto - 452

The Brisbane Formula 500 Club would like thank Tyrepower for all of their 2014-15 season support. To find out more about Tyrepower, visit their website: www.tyrepower.com.au. The club is also supported by KRE Race Engines, Myla Graphics, Dryden Signs, TC Racing & Mechanical Services, Lucky Promotions, and Aussie Trackwear.


Brisbane Formula 500 Club Media Enquiries: Daniel Powell from Redline Media
P 0292 497 305
M 0432 126 210
E daniel@redlinemedia.com.au
W www.redlinemedia.com.au

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:: Victorian Formula 500 Jettco Rd 1 Results

Monday, March 16, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

Arg, we fell foul of the weather again last Saturday night at Southern 500 Speedway Portland which was to have been Round 1 of the Victorian Formula 500 Jettco Triple Crown series.
After annoying drizzle for several hours the meeting was cancelled.

Many thanks to Portland Speedway and all drivers and crews.

Round 2 of the Jettco series is scheduled at Simpson Speedway on 11th April 2015.
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:: Victorian Formula 500 Stampede - Ballarat 21/3/2015

Friday, March 13, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

Round 7 of the Victorian Formula 500 Maxam Printing Stampede Series will be held at Redline Speedway, Ballarat on 21 March 2015
Nominate now - https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=15869

Maria Olsson
Victorian Formula 500 Association
0414 301 982
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