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:: WA Formula 500 Season Concludes

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Formula 500's WA

The 2014/15 WA Formula 500 season concluded last night with their traditional awards night this year being held at the Forrest Centre Reception Centre in Perth. Eighty guests were in attendance for the evening, which began by acknowledging special guests Ken Brown, Gavin Migro and Granny Higgs as well as the Formula 500 Association of WA life members Colin Schipp, Dave Hedington, Bill Richards, Rob Brown, Brian Mullings and Phil and Ellen Checkley.
The first awards presented were acknowledgment trophies of the top ten in the Perth Motorplex Track Championship, won overall by Tom Hooper, and the top four in the FAST Racing Series, won by Adrian Haywood. Gavin Migro also took the microphone and mentioned what a good year the division had and what the plans were looking like for next season, with a good number of shows expected once again.
Next up was the traditional Stan McEntee Shield presentation for the State Title winner, in this case Tom Hooper who came up and collected his first trophy of the night.
The Outstanding Achievement Award was next and was presented to Troy Johnson for his season that included five heat wins, three feature wins, 6 podium finishes, 8 top 5’s and ten top 10’s out of thirteen race meetings contested. Jeff Hedington was then asked to present his Chief Stewards Award, which went to Cameron McKenzie.
Although not one of the trophies most would like to win, Gavin Connelly was next up as he received the Hard Luck Award which he received in acknowledgment that despite finding the throttle this season, he also found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time too many times.
Ken Brown was the next man recognized and he indeed received a standing ovation as he received the Appreciation Award in recognition of fifty years in Speedway, having had his first article published in the 1965/66 season and continuing to work in the media area consistently since then.
After a short break the awards resumed with the top ten in the West Coast Series acknowledged. The Serieswas held over five rounds with thirty seven drivers competing in five rounds, six of whom competed in all the rounds. There were four different feature winners across the five rounds and ten drivers grabbed a feature podium at least once. Mark House was the overall series winner and was once again happy to be the top finisher, with planning already underway for next season.
The Most Inspiring Moment Award was next up, and with a lot of drivers having a great season it was difficult to pick a winner, but the award went to someone who had six heat wins across theseason, three feature wins, and his worst finish at the Motorplex excluding DNF’s was eighth.The moment that was acknowledged though was when he recorded his maiden feature victory, which just so happened to be the State Title event, with Tom Hooper taking out the trophy.
Adrian Haywood was next up as he received the Most Improved Trophy for a season that saw him win four heat races and also claim his first career feature win during the year. Had he been able to show up in the final event of thePerth Motorplex season he would have been at least fourth place overall in the Track Championship, but he did however take out the FAST Racing series championship.
Another young gun was recognized next, with Jeremy Saffin awarded the Encouragement Award for having yet another consistent season, driving a new car always showing up and pushing the envelope and running the high line as well as anyone. He scored two heat wins and came home fourth in the West Coast Series, which he is looking to build on next season despite running a more limited schedule.
Matt Brown made his way forward and received a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to celebrate his special day coming up in a couple of days, before he presented the Crash of the Year Award. A picture is worth 1000 words, with Matt Higgs’ crash at Narrogin being played on the big screen before he received the perpetual wheel to acknowledge his crash of the year.
A few of the West Coast Series Awards were next, withthe Hard Charger award for the most cars passed in feature races going to Cameron McKenzie, whileMark House once again received the West Coast Bullet Award for the fastest laps.
One of the biggest awards from a driver’s point of view that can be won is that of the Drivers Driver. This means that you have gained the respect of the other drivers, both on and off the track and shows what sort of esteem you are held in. This year there was a good number of competitors who responded for this award and what is even more amazing is that the votes were actually tied! One of the winning drivers had an epic season, getting his maiden feature win, while the other also had a great time as he amassed two heat wins and five podium finishes at the Motorplex alone. One of these drivers won the Perth MotorplexTrack Championship, the other came third but both had career best seasons and it was a popular announcement when the joint winners of the award were revealed as Tom Hooper and Luke Nardini.
The Best Presented Car and Crew were then presented to Troy Johnson, while youngster Jamie Nardini was speechless as he was voted the recipient of the Rising Star Award for his improving results throughout the season and not one single DNF, showing he can finish races and stay out of trouble. He recorded best results of a fifth place finish no less than three times and finished in the top ten an excellent seven times out of ten shows.
The final two awards of theevening were next, with the Rookie of the Year trophy going to Cameron McKenzie who scored a season best finish of fourth place, not to mention eight top ten placings. He came home sixth in the Perth Motorplex track Championship, sixth in the West Coast Series and was quite humbled to be announced as the Rookie of the Year,
Matt Brown again returned to the podium and this time worked through the voting system for the Fairest and Best Award, with the winner being voted Tom Hooper, who was once again humbled to be voted the winner, but very proud of the teams efforts, saying he couldn’t wait to do it all again next season!
That bought the awards night to a fitting close, with competitors, officials and teams socializing and celebrating another successful season. Now the work begins for season 2015/16!
Release by DTN Media.

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:: Brisbane Formula 500 Club -The 2014-15 Season That Was

Tuesday, June 02, 2015
Brisbane Formula 500 Club

The 2014-15 season was judged as a massive success for the Brisbane Formula 500 Club, and it included a successful running of the both Queensland Title and the season-long Tyrepower 600 Super Series.

Here’s a look back at the season highlights.

Brown Goes One Better
After running second in last season’s Tyrepower 600 Super Series behind Ryan Skennar, Kristin Brown was able to go one better this season by coming away with the point standings honours. She was a model of consistency throughout the series, which included three round wins, and was a thoroughly deserving winner.

Big Improvers
Brooke Wanless and Scott Farmer were without a shadow of a doubt the biggest improvers of the season. Both drivers were consistent front runners, with Farmer collecting a Tyrepower 600 Super Series round win along with a number of minor podium finishes, while Wanless also managed to figure on the podium in minor positions. In the final Tyrepower 600 Super Series point standings, Wanless and Farmer finished in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Competitor Growth
Another highlight of the season was the growth of competitors. After attracting 12 cars on average every race meeting last season, this season saw an average of 16 competitors at every race meeting. The competitor growth is certainly a positive reflection of the ongoing hard work from the committee of the Brisbane Formula 500 Club.

Sponsor Support
None of what was achieved in the season would have been possible without the support of sponsors: major sponsor Tyrepower, the naming right’s sponsor of the Queensland Title Ian Boettcher Race Parts, KRE Race Engines, Myla Graphics, Dryden Signs, TC Racing & Mechanical Services, Lucky Promotions, and Aussie Trackwear. As they say, support those sponsors who support the sport.

Queensland Title Thriller
To say that the season Queensland Title at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway was a thriller would be a rather large understatement. In what was a frantic Queensland Title deciding feature race, defending Queensland Champion Dale Shilleto and this season’s Australian Champion Dylan Willsher had turns at the lead only to both crash out of contention. The driver who was there in the end was Townsville’s Kaydon Iverson after he stayed out of harm’s way and went on to collect the win. Iverson also contested the entire Tyrepower 600 Super Series and came away with a second-place finish behind Kristin Brown in the final point standings.

Presentation Night
The season is to be concluded with the annual presentation night. This season, it is to be held on the Saturday night of June 20 at Brothers St Brendan’s Leagues Club in the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea.

Final Tyrepower 600 Super Series Point Standings
1: Kristin Brown - 743
2: Kaydon Iverson - 729
3: Charlie Brown - 672
4: Brooke Wanless - 595
5: Scott Farmer - 548
6: Dale Shilleto - 452
7: Cody Maroske - 447
8: Adrian Farrell - 414
9: Tristan Johnson - 403
10: Nathan Pronger - 397
11: Bryn Upshall - 373
12: Royce Harvey - 360
13: Ryan Skennar - 288
14: Nick Scholes - 207
15: Grant Harvey - 201
16: Bayden Ellston - 200
17: David Muir - 164
18: Nick Potts - 109
19: Phil Roberts - 96
20: Todd Stevens - 84
21: Chris Finglas - 80
22: Blake Hancock - 70
23: Ryan McNamara - 65
24: Anthony Schofield - 64
25: Mick Pronger - 52
26: Simon Sullivan - 50
27: Brad Metcalfe - 42
28: Dan Scougall - 38
29: Gary Edwards - 24
30: Ken Newton - 11

To find out more about the Brisbane Formula 500 Club, check them out on Facebook by searching Brisbane Formula 500 Club.

Brisbane Formula 500 Club Media Enquiries: Daniel Powell from Redline Media
M: 0432 126 210
E: daniel@redlinemedia.com.au
W: www.redlinemedia.com.au

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:: 2015 Formula 500 National Agenda Items

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

The following amendments to the current Formula 500' Australia Inc. Supplementary Racing Regulations were passed at the Annual General Meeting held at Rockhampton on 6th April 2015 -

RULE 41. Page 16
Remove points table and replace with:
Placing Points Placing Points
1st 25 8th 6
2nd 20 9th 5
3rd 17 10th 4
4th 14 11th 3
5th 12 12th 2
6th 10 13th 1
7th 8

Rule 41 – (end of current page 16) – Change first sentence from “The highest point scorer in championship heats shall be allocated pole position at the grid in the final.”

To: (i) The highest point scorer in championship heats shall be allocated choice of front row positions (either position 1 or position 2) in the Final prior to entering the track.

RULE 42 Page 17 – Delete entire rule.

RULE 1 (c) Page 23
After: Wheel rims to be no greater than 10 inch (254mm) diameter. Controlled right Rear tyre compound, Hoosier D25 or American Racing SD48
Add: or harder.

RULE 1 (f) - Weight Rule 2) Page 24
Delete the number “3” from the sentence (i.e. 3 and 4 cylinders) and change wording to 4 stroke engines
Rule to read as follows;
This section applies to 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine powered cars. Minimum 340 kg weight of car and driver at any time and applies to 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine powered cars.

RULE 2 - Engine. Page 24
Remove Para - a (iii)

RULE 2 - Engine. Page 24 Delete and Replace
(e) All 600cc engines meeting these specification requirements are to be sealed. Must be sealed by the relevant state approved engine sealer/’s using approved seals and documentation.

RULE 7 - Ignition. Page 25
(c)- add to end of.....between the battery and the ignition switch, eliminating function of all ignition and starter switched when fusible link is removed.

RULE 9 (e) - Seats Page 27
After: No Fibreglass seats allowed.
Add: If no containment seat is used a head support is required on Right hand side.

RULE 15 - Aerofoils etc Page 28
Delete Rule (j).
Measurement on page 30 will also need to be removed.

RULE 15 Page 28
Insert: Para (k)
(k). All Formula 500's shall only race with a top wing. Front wing is optional.

RULE 18 (a) Page 35
Remove: 2 & 3
Remove: This also applies to cars who display their State numbers 2 and 3.

Page 37 - 38.
Remove: Pages referring to Rear Wing / Rear engine/Older stylecars in total.
NOTE: The removal of these 2 pages will require a 2 year phase in period so that if there are any older cars they can be modified/upgraded over a 2 year period.

Page 44 - The infringement section of the rule book be removed and issued separately to drivers when applying for licence.
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:: Victorian Formula 500 General Meeting - 20/5/2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

Victorian Formula 500 Assn
The next Victorian Formula 500 General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 20 May 2015 at the Mount Moriac Hotel, 1115 Princes Highway, Moriac commencing at 7.45 pm sharp.

Members and visitors welcome.

Chris Olsson
0410 308 398 ... Read

:: Victorian Formula 500 Annual Presentation Dinner

Monday, May 11, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

The Victorian Formula 500's Racing Season is over.
After 20+ meetings, countless rainouts and thousands of kilometres travelled, plus blood, sweat and tears it is now time to celebrate the highs and lows of our season.

The Annual Awards & Presentation Dinner will be held at the City Bowls Memorial Club, Cramer Street Warrnambool on 13th June 2015 commencing at 6pm. 2 Course Dinner $40 per adult, Children - $15.00 (kids meal), drinks at bar prices.

Bookings/info are now open on - https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=16782

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:: Brisbane Formula 500 Club -Brown Goes One Better

Tuesday, May 05, 2015
Brisbane Formula 500 Club

After finishing second in last season’s Tyrepower 600 Super Series point standings, Kristin Brown in yesterday afternoon’s 12th and final round at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway able to go one spot better in the 2014-15 season point standings.

As one of the form drivers throughout this season’s Tyrepower 600 Super Series, which included three round wins, Brown managed to snare the point standings honours by finishing in a solid second place behind Queensland Champion Kaydon Iverson in the final round’s feature race.

Iverson’s win in the final round resulted in him leapfrogging Charlie Brown for second place in the final point standings. In what was Iverson’s maiden round win of the season, he managed to qualify on pole position and then go on to lead the entire 15-lap distance.

Joining winner Iverson and second-placed Kristin Brown on the podium was Tristan Johnson. The latter’s podium finish was without a doubt the best drive of the season from the youngster.

Brooke Wanless, Scott Farmer, Royce Harvey, Adrian Farrell and rookie Ryan McNamara rounded out the feature-race finishers.

The only non-finisher in the feature race was Grant Harvey, who was forced out on lap eight due to a mechanical issue.

In the heat-race action, wins were shared between Kristin Brown, Farmer and Johnson.

Due to dramas earlier in the round, Charlie Brown, who was set to the fight it out with his older sibling for the Tyrepower 600 Super Series point standings honours, was forced to withdraw after the opening heat race. As a result of this, Brown dropped out of series contention and ended up third in the final point standings.

Due to the bad weather on the Saturday night, the race meeting was moved to a Sunday afternoon race meeting.

The Brisbane Formula 500s will wrap up the 2014-15 season with a club show at Archerfield Speedway on the Saturday night of May 16.

Final Tyrepower 600 Super Series Point Standings
1: Kristin Brown - 743 points
2: Kaydon Iverson - 729
3: Charlie Brown - 672
4: Brooke Wanless - 595
5: Scott Farmer - 548

The Brisbane Formula 500 Club would like thank Tyrepower for all of their 2014-15 season support. To find out more about Tyrepower, visit their website: www.tyrepower.com.au. The club is also supported by KRE Race Engines, Myla Graphics, Dryden Signs, TC Racing & Mechanical Services, Lucky Promotions, and Aussie Trackwear.

Brisbane Formula 500 Club Media Enquiries: Daniel Powell from Redline Media
P 0292 497 305
M 0432 126 210
E daniel@redlinemedia.com.au
W www.redlinemedia.com.au

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:: Vict Formula 500 Jettco Rd 3

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

Round 3 of the Jettco Series (and also our last meeting for the season) will be held on 9th May 2015 at Mid-Western Speedway Darlington.

Online nominations are now open at -

Nominations close midnight this Sunday 3rd May.

Sign In 3.15 pm to 3.30 pm
Hot Laps & Time Trials from 4.15pm ... Read

:: Victorian Formula 500 State Title.

Friday, April 24, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

Due to the forecast weather and safety issues re pit access, tomorrow's meeting at Western Speedway Hamilton for the Victorian State Title has been cancelled.

As it is so late in the season the chances of rescheduling (this season) are very, very slim.

All nomination monies received will be refunded

Maria Olsson
Secretary ... Read

:: Brisbane Formula 500 Club -Brown Scores Second Win

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Brisbane Formula 500 Club

The battle between the Brown siblings, Kristin and Charlie, for the Tyrepower 600 Super Series intensified in last Saturday night’s 11th and penultimate round at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway, after Charlie Brown claimed his second win of the 2014-15 season.

Following Charlie’s win and Kristin’s non-finish on the weekend, the Tyrepower 600 Super Series point standings battle has become closer, with Kristin continuing to hold down a narrow lead ahead of Charlie and current Queensland Champion Kaydon Iverson.

Charlie Brown’s win came after he had started the 12-lap feature race from pole position after the top-six point scorers from the heat races were inverted, and it was Brown who started from pole position. Making the most of the lucky break, Brown powered to the lead from the outset and was never headed through to the fall of the chequered flag.

After starting from position three in the field and then being sent to the rear of the infield due to an opening lap incident, the previous round winner Scott Farmer was able to come back through the field and finish in second. In what was a season-best performance, Bryn Upshall completed the podium finishers in third. Brooke Wanless, highest point scorer Iverson, rookie Ryan McNamara and Adrian Farrell completed the finishers. It was an unlucky run for Iverson, who had moved up to third early on before spinning out. He was able to recover after being sent rear of field for the restart and came home in fifth.

Royce Harvey, Grant Harvey, current Australia # 3 Billy Foyle and Kristin Brown were the non-finishers in the feature race. Both Foyle and Brown went out in spectacular fashion after being involved in separate incidents on the opening lap. Brown was forced to take evasive action in order to avoid contact with another competitor; however, she was hit from behind by an innocent Wanless. As a result of this collision, Brown suffered damage to her engine and was unable to restart. In the other incident, Foyle tipped onto his side after contact with Farmer and had sustained a significant amount of damage that forced him out.

Teenager Tristan Johnson was unable to take his place in the feature race due to crashing out of one of his heat races after collecting a spinning car. This accident brought his night to a premature end after his car sustained a large amount of damage.

In the heat-race action, the wins were shared between Foyle, Upshall and Charlie Brown. Despite not winning any of their heat races, Iverson and Kristin Brown were joint highest point scorers heading into the feature race. The highest point scorer status was decided by who had recorded the fastest lap between the two in their heat races, and it was Iverson who had done so.

The 12th and final Tyrepower 600 Super Series round will be fought out on May 2 at Archerfield Speedway.

Current Tyrepower 600 Super Series Point Standings
1: Kristin Brown – 660 points
2: Charlie Brown - 651
3: Kaydon Iverson - 637
4: Brooke Wanless - 541
5: Scott Farmer - 471

The Brisbane Formula 500 Club would like to thank Tyrepower for all of their 2014-15 season support. To find out more about Tyrepower, visit their website: www.tyrepower.com.au. The club is also supported by KRE Race Engines, Myla Graphics, Dryden Signs, TC Racing & Mechanical Services, Lucky Promotions, and Aussie Trackwear.

Brisbane Formula 500 Club Media Enquiries: Daniel Powell from Redline Media
P 0292 497 305
M 0432 126 210
E daniel@redlinemedia.com.au
W www.redlinemedia.com.au

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:: Victorian Formula 500 State Title Nominations

Monday, April 20, 2015
Victorian Formula 500 Assn

38 drivers have nominated for this weekend's Victorian Formula 500 State Title to be held at Western Speedway, Hamilton on 25 April 2015.

With A1 Dylan Willsher, A2 Steven Horton, V95 Dale Sinclair (NSW1), V81 Jack Bell (SA1), V50 James Aranyosi (SA2), V30 Tyler Beasy (NSW2) and 32 more than capable of the top ten, it will be a great night of racing.

Drivers are reminded that SIGN IN CLOSES AT 3.00PM SHARP, with racing at 4pm.

Nominations received -
A1 Dylan Willsher
A2 Steven Horton
V75 AJ Blackstock
SA27 Angelo Karoussis
V51 Ash Sinclair
V9 Ash McDonough
V89 Ben Telindert
V4 Brayden Cooley
V18 Brooke Buckingham
V31 Chris Bellman
T16 Dale Peck
V95 Dale Sinclair
V81 Jack Bell
V50 James Aranyosi
V11 Jamie Waters
V35 Jesse Ellston
V14 Jett Speed
V40 Josh Fort
V49 Josh Buckingham
V33 Justin Bowen
V66 Kev Freeman
V71 Kurt Dunham
SA71 Lachlan Cates
V15 Leigh Van Ginneken
SA4 Lisa Walker
V32 Mathew Turner
V70 Matthew Symons
SA64 Patrick Merrett
V92 Rob Trewartha
V52 Shane Van Duynhoven
SA51 Simon Reichelt
SA40 Steph Munn
V5 Steven Van Ginneken
V79 Terry Rankin
V60 Trevor Cotterill
V10 Tyler Beasy
V55 Tyler Owen
SA81 Will Carroll

Maria Olsson
Secretary ... Read

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